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Atheists Take Heart (and Office): New Poll Shows Major Support for Nonreligious Candidates

By Jennifer Bardi In a nation that consistently ranks atheists near the bottom of the “feeling thermometer,” identifying as a nonreligious or humanist candidate has traditionally been seen as a “bad” political move. But a new poll shows there’s virtually no political cost for elected officials to identify as a member of the humanist community. The poll, …

Canada repeals blasphemy law

By the BC Humanist Association Humanists are cheering the passage of a bill repealing Canada’s prohibition on “blasphemous libel” in the Senate today. Canada’s 19th century blasphemy law will be no more once the bill receives Royal Assent. Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association The passage of this Bill is a clear recognition by …

The Mental Health of Atheists and the ‘Nones’

By Rob Whitley, Ph.D. Christmas is approaching, and religious people across the world are preparing with the appropriate prayers, observations, and services. However, a growing proportion of the population is non-religious, and for them, Christmas can be a meaningless, empty, and lonely period. Indeed, a small but growing body of research continues to explore the relationship …

Atheists in Egypt ‘don’t exist’ but are still considered a ‘threat’

By Amr Ezzat Toward the end of 2009, an Egyptian blogger announced the imminent publication of his book, A Muslim Atheist. The title is reflective of a concept he believes in, based on his experiences: he isn’t Muslim currently; he used to be, but then he became an atheist. However, after a while, he found himself not …

Democrats Finally Acknowledging Secular Voters

By David Niose The recent midterm elections reflect the increasing clout of secular voters, a group that has grown significantly in recent years, and at least one major party is starting to take note. According to polling data released by Pew, 17 percent of voters in 2018 were religiously unaffiliated, up from only 11 percent in 2006 …

Atheist Group Demands Chicago Stop Funding Church Renovations with Taxpayer Cash

By Hemant Mehta The Supreme Court’s 2017 Trinity Lutheran decision allowed for churches to apply for taxpayer-funded grants as long as it was for a secular reason. But a church in Chicago is under fire after receiving more than $220,000 to advance its religious agenda. According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the First Church of Deliverance got the money …

Lawsuit targets Texas law allowing only judges, clergy to do weddings

By Chuck Lindell A federal lawsuit filed by two Texans, including an Austin resident, seeks to overturn a state law that requires weddings to be performed by a member of the clergy or by a judge. Joined by the Center for Inquiry — a national nonprofit that seeks to foster a secular society based on …

Non-Religious Voters Are Turning Into a Powerful Voting Bloc for Democrats

By Hemant Mehta We know evangelical Christians are predominantly conservative and support Republicans. The reason Donald Trump maintains his power is because the Christian Right refuses to waver in its support of him, no matter how obvious his incompetence is to everybody else. We also know roughly 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016, helping …

Wentzville (MO) Settles Case With Atheist Who Criticized “In God We Trust” Sign

By Hemant Mehta

Back in February, atheist activist Sally Hunt attended a meeting of the Board of Aldermen in Wentzville, Missouri to criticize the “In God We Trust” sign they had in giant letters in their meeting room.

You can hear her speech in that video. It’s direct, but it’s calm. Hunt explained the history of the phrase, why it excluded non-religious people in the community, and how others have complained about it to her but said nothing publicly out of fear of possible backlash.

Mayor Nick Guccione didn’t hear that last part since he essentially dismissed her for being a lone voice of dissent on this matter. When Hunt tried explaining once against that she was speaking on behalf of many others, he told her that her time was up and she needed to sit down before he called for her removal. More specifically, he said her five minutes were up even though she only spoke for 4:35.

Even though Hunt sat back down, Guccione asked cops to remove her from the room anyway.

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Politicians, Take Note: Secular Voters Are a Powerful, and Growing, Part of the Population

By Andrew L. Seidel

Given the intensity of the news cycle last week, you might have missed the biggest story of the election: the surge of the “nones.”

U.S. voters hit two important milestones in the 2018 midterm. First, Protestants were not the majority of the electorate, according to Religion News Service. Second, as white evangelical Christians, who carried Trump into office on a wave of Christian nationalism, are barely maintaining their share in the electorate, nonreligious people are gaining. “Nones”—those who self-identify as nonreligious on surveys like those conducted by the Pew Research Center—sharply increased their share of the U.S. electorate, from 11 percent in 2006 to 17 percent in 2018. That’s a massive, 55 percent increase.

A second, similar metric shows the same growth: The number of people in the United States who enter the voting booth but not church is also surging, from 18 percent in 2014 to 27 percent in 2018. That’s another big jump of 50 percent. Nones are also younger and the fastest-growing religious identification. That means as evangelicals age out, nones replace them in age groups that are more likely to vote.

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