Survey Finds Pope Francis’ Popularity Plunging After Most Recent Abuse Scandals

By Hemant Mehta

Here’s some good news: Even Pope Francis, the recipient of all kinds of undeserved positive press, has seen his popularity plummet in the wake of the latest round of Catholic Church child sex abuse revelations.

Gallup notes that only 53% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the pope, down from 76% at his peak in early 2014, and in a virtual tie with the 52% rating he had when first elected to the position and no one knew much about him.

Among Catholics, however, his reputation hasn’t really wavered. It’s at 79% which represents something of a midpoint for him as far as his followers go. (The number has wavered between 71% and 89% over the years.)

Among non-Catholics, his favorability is at an all-time low of 45%.

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