Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Urged a Church Congregation to Vote Republican

By Hemant Mehta

During a service last week at Kenneth Copeland‘s Eagle Mountain International Church, evangelist Paula White (a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump) and Copeland’s daughter Terri Pearsons told the crowd in no uncertain terms that they needed to vote Republican this November.

It was a complete violation of the Johnson Amendment which, contrary to what Pearsons said, has not yet been invalidated.

“There is so much at stake in this,” Pearsons responded, hammering home the point that Trump’s judicial appointments are “probably the single biggest, most critical issue” in the upcoming elections. “That’s what your vote means, so we’re going to vote for the team that will most press that agenda through because it’s the judges that have brought so much of the ungodliness into our nation.

“You see the hand of God in all this,” White chimed in, falsely claiming that California has already passed a law “that says the Bible is a book of hate speech and to ban the sale of it.”

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