Missouri City Councilman Shuts Down Christian Bigot During Debate Over Equality

By Hemant Mehta

Last Monday, the St. Joseph City Council voted 8-1 to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that, among other things, will protect those who are LGBTQ when it comes to employment, public accommodation, and housing. It’s a long overdue measure. But like so many of these bills, there was opposition from some Christians, even though religious organizations were exempt from this particular law.

One of the critics, Pastor Jacob McMillian of Journey Baptist Church, showed up to the meeting and pleaded his case before the vote. He didn’t think private property owners should have to abide by this ordinance if they held anti-LGBTQ religious beliefs. (In his world, Christian landlords would be allowed to deny housing to same-sex couples.)

How did he make his case? By equating homosexuality with pedophilia.

McMillian pointed to the wording of the ordinance where the definition of “sexual orientation” included a clause saying it didn’t apply to “sexual preference or practice between an adult and minor.” (Obviously.) He wanted to know why that exemption was needed, because what if a pedophile claimed he was just “born that way”?

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