Atheist Community of Tulsa counter-protesting aggressive anti-abortion group tactics

By Tyler Butler

It has been a week of demonstrations on the sidewalk of East Central High School, but today’s message is a bit more tolerable to parents than in days past.

“A couple of days ago, and the last two days, has been really negative. These kids don’t need that. So, thank you for being here,” said one member of the school staff to the Atheist Community of Tulsa.

For the last few days, an anti-abortion group calling themselves the Abolitionist Society of Tulsa has held signs outside of the school with pictures of bloody fetuses, pictures we can’t even show you. Parents say the group approached kids with those messages and pamphlets.

“They had a loudspeaker, and they were preaching things that were just not nice,” said Rebecca Kendall, a parent at the school.

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