I just became an atheist a few seconds ago.

My parents are missionaries. I just became an atheist a few seconds ago. It was not only because of “The God Delusion”, but also – and maybe mainly – because of my personal experience through the years. It also did not happened suddenly – I matured to this moment for years.
What’s my story?
In the name of God and the Bible I was beaten as a child. It was “only spanks” they say, but those spanks, along with the paternal regime of my father, made me suffer from anxiety disorder and also pushed me to marry a cruel, deeply religious man. This man nearly devastated me and I was forced to divorce him.
And in that moment I realized, how deeply hypocritical my environment and whole society is. I felt like an outcast. My so-called friends gave me endless lectures regarding how Marriage is a holy sacrament and is unbreakable. No one cared that I was abused. Even now I hear sometimes, that I am still married to this man, and by my new marriage I am adulterizing. I hear it although I am finally free, cured from my anxiety and happily married to a wonderful, calm, loving and caring man.

Because of my story and through the years of thinking about my religion over and over I decided to read “The God Delusion”. What I found there left me with no choice, but to name my atheism out loud.
Since I know God is not there, I feel free and happy like never before. And I know what I’m talking about – I was deeply religious for over 30 years. And there was not even one moment during those years when I could have felt so relieved, as I am now. I don’t feel the burden of guiltiness and shame, which followed me as I was Christian (Roman Catholic). I am not fear of death now – because I was never afraid of it, I was afraid of hell.
Thank you Richard Dawkins.