Oklahoma School Shuts Down After Parents Threaten Trans Student with Castration

By Sarahbeth Caplin

An Oklahoma school district shut down for two days this week in response to an onslaught of threats against a 12-year-old trans student.

The student, Maddie, had been living as a girl the entire time she’s been part of the Achille Public Schools. While she had used a staff bathroom for the past two years, she was at a new school this year and hadn’t been given that same permission, so she used the girls restroom instead. She was quickly accused of peering under the stalls and became the subject of an angry Facebook rant from a parent.

Before long, even adults were threatening her.

The horrific messages, which referred to 12-year-old Maddie as “it,” “this thing,” “half baked maggot” and “the transgender,” were posted on a Facebook group for parents of students in Achille, Oklahoma.

All that is troubling enough, but at least one parent made a direct threat of castration, saying, “if he wants to be female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick.”

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