The Libertarian Party Now Has a Secular Caucus Led by an Atheist State Rep.

By Hemant Mehta

Earlier this month, during the Libertarian Party’s national convention, a Secular Caucus was formed, led by New Hampshire State Rep. Brandon Phinney — one of only a handful of openly non-theistic state officials in the country.

The Secular Coalition for America helped launched the caucus, after doing something similar in 2016 and 2018 at the Texas Democratic Convention, and celebrated its formation:

“We would like to applaud the Libertarian Party for being the first political party in U.S. history to establish a Secular Caucus at its national convention,” said Larry T. Decker, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America. “This caucus is a milestone in our push to be recognized as a constituency with our own unique set of interests, issues, and secular values. The nonreligious are a rapidly growing demographic that make up an increasingly large share of every political party. It is our hope that the Democratic, Republican, and Green parties will take notice and follow in the Libertarian Party’s footsteps. Nonreligious voters of every political affiliation deserve to have their values respected and their voices heard.”

Phinney told me he began this group because “as someone who is openly atheist, I wanted to give Libertarian Party members a place to discuss secular values and how to take the LP platform, apply it to public policy solutions all while defending the separation of church and state.”

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