In Leaked Sermon, GOP Candidate Mark Harris Said a Woman Has One Title: “Helper”

By Hemant Mehta

Mark Harris, a Republican running for Congress from North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, said in a 2013 sermon that a woman only had one title according to the Bible: “Helper.” He also suggested it may not be the “healthiest pursuit” for women to ever prioritize their careers.

The sermon, which Harris gave as pastor of First Baptist Charlotte, was unearthed by a Democratic PAC called American Bridge, and it shows the sort of complementarian conservative Christian mindset that voters should immediately reject in 2018:

“In our culture today, girls are taught from grade school that we tell them that what is most honorable in life is a career, and their ultimate goal in life is simply to be able to grow up and be independent of anyone or anything,” said Harris, then the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Charlotte, adding, “But nobody has seemed to ask the question that I think is critically important to ask: Is that a healthy pursuit for society? Is that the healthiest pursuit for our homes? Is that the healthiest pursuit for our children? Is that the healthiest pursuit for the sexes in our generation?”

In an earlier portion of Harris’ sermon, Harris tells parishioners that “only one title is given to a woman in all of scripture… the title given to a woman is ‘helper.’”

Even many Christians would cringe at hearing all that…

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