Focus on the Family: Trump’s Immigrant Prisons Are Bad, But Abortion Is Worse

By Hemant Mehta

As we continue to learn more about the concentration camps for children, created by Donald Trump with the full support of the Republican Party and, by extension, everyone who continues to vote for them, maybe you were wondering what leaders of the Christian Right were thinking. After all, they’re the ones who insist they support “family values.” They’re the ones who call themselves “pro-life.”

Shouldn’t they be leading the charge in opposition to kids being ripped away from their parents for any reason?

Of course not. That assumes they actually give a damn about these people.

Yesterday, Focus on the Family’s Chief Minister Jim Daly wrote an article arguing that, sure, tearing apart families is bad. But why criticize Trump when he can capitalize on the tragedy and condemn Planned Parenthood instead?

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