Catholic school denies entry to lesbian couple’s children because marriage is “between a man and a woman”

By Bailey Vogt

A Catholic priest denied a lesbian couple’s children from attending his private school due to their homosexual marriage.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the mothers (who wished to remain anonymous) applied to St. Francis Catholic School in Hilton Head Island, S.C., this spring, but subsequently received a rejection email.

When one of the mothers called the priest, Rev. Mike Oenbrink, to question why her children were denied, he told her: “Your children have been denied because you’re homosexual. If we admit your children, it will send a bad message to the other families.”

The two mothers have been married since 2009 and the decision to deny them has apparently created controversy among parents in Hilton Head. However, Rev. Oenbrink refused to apologize for the rejection, saying the application was denied because the two women were married.

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