Gov. Ducey supports ‘evolution’ remaining part of Arizona science standards

By Howard Fischer

PHOENIX — Evolution should remain part of the science standards for Arizona public high schools, despite what is being proposed by the state’s top school official, Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday.

“I believe in God,” the governor said Monday after a Memorial Day ceremony in Phoenix.

“I believe God created humanity,” he continued. “And I believe there are evolutionary forces at work in nature.”

Ducey said he does not see religion and evolution as mutually exclusive.

“So evolution will remain part of the education curriculum,” he said, with schools free to teach various religious theories elsewhere of how life on earth developed, like courses on literature or the history of religion.

Ducey’s comments come as Diane Douglas, the state superintendent of public instruction, is proposing to eliminate multiple reference to evolution entirely from existing high school science standards, replacing them with terms like “biological diversity” and phrases like “how traits within populations change over time.”

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