Oregon High School Principal and Resource Officer Fired For Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination, Including Telling Gay Students They Were Going to Hell

By Elise Herron

North Bend High School principal Bill Lucero and school resource officer Jason Griggs are being removed from their jobs in the district’s settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon. The firings come after complaints from former and current students, including Liv Funk and Hailey Smith, about suffering anti-LGBTQ harassment and discrimination from classmates and administration.

In the past month, Funk and Smith, North Bend High School seniors, have shared disturbing accounts of school harassment in Oregon’s coastal Coos County.

The student-run legal clinic at the Willamette University College of Law first took on the girls’ case. Professor Warren Binford says she then went to the ACLU for help after discovering it to be “one of the worst cases of discrimination at a school that she had ever seen in Oregon.”

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