Idaho Congressman Labrador Defends Faith Healing Parents

By Michael Stone

Idaho congressman and candidate for governor Raul Labrador insists that faith healing parents have the right to deny their children medical care.

Speaking at a televised debate held earlier this week between the major GOP candidates for governor, Rep. Labrador defended faith healing parents, and said if elected governor he would not try to change the state’s faith-healing exemption that allows parents to deny children medical treatment without fear of criminal prosecution.

When asked about the state’s faith healing exemption Labrador said:

I would not change it. I believe in religious liberty. We believe in freedom. I would not interfere with a parent’s right to make a decision like that. I believe that they get to decide.

In other words, according to Labrador and people who think like him, children are the property of parents, and can be denied such basic rights as medical care if it serves the religious superstition of their parents.

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