Ten Commandments display to go back up at Arkansas capitol after first one destroyed

By Morgan Gstalter

The date is set for the new Ten Commandments monument to go up at the Arkansas capitol after the first version was destroyed when a driver plowed into it.

State Sen. Jason Rapert (R), who sponsored the original monument, said that crews will reinstall the Ten Commandments on the statehouse grounds in Little Rock next week. A spokesman for Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin confirmed to Arkansas Online that the installation is set for April 26.

“We are happy to have made this all possible for the citizens of Arkansas as they honor one of the historical and moral foundations of American law – the Ten Commandments,” Rapert wrote on the project’s GoFundMe account.

Rapert founded the American History and Heritage Foundation, which raised over $85,000 for a new monument, which will include concrete barriers for protection.

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