South Carolina Republicans want ‘parody marriages’ to circumvent marriage equality

By Zack Ford

A group of South Carolina state lawmakers have proposed a new bill to try to circumvent marriage equality and allow discrimination against gay, lesbian, and bi people. It would dub same-sex couples’ marriages “parody marriages,” and its reasoning is incomprehensibly bizarre.

According to H. 4949, a “parody marriage” is “any form of marriage that does not involve one man and one woman.” It proposes that “the State of South Carolina shall no longer respect, endorse, or recognize any form of parody marriage policy because parody marriage policies are nonsecular.”

It likewise seeks to justify discrimination by proposing that “the State of South Carolina shall no longer enforce, recognize, or respect any policy that treats sexual orientation as a suspect class because all such statutes lack a secular purpose.”

Only marriages between a man and a woman would continue to be recognized “because such marriage policies are secular, accomplishing nonreligious objectives.”

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