‘Faith is central to American life’: Those without faith feel excluded from Trump’s vision of America

By Eugene Scott

The number of Americans professing no religious ties is growing, but President Trump reemphasized at the National Prayer Breakfast that faith is key to being an American.

“Faith is central to American life and to liberty,” he said in a speech Thursday morning.

“As long as we open our hearts to God’s grace, America will be free, the land of the free, the home of the brave and the light to all nations.”

The National Prayer Breakfast is a massive ecumenical gathering that draws thousands of people from around the world, The Washington Post’s Sarah Pulliam Bailey reported, especially from the United States’ white evangelical community, which continues to give Trump high approval marks.

This year’s event included as many as 60 representatives from Russia’s religious and political communities, according to CNN, more than three times the number that attended last year’s event.

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