NM Candidate: Opponents of Our Ten Commandments Display Want a “Secular Utopia”

By Hemant Mehta

Hobbs, New Mexico is one of those cities that has a Ten Commandments monument outside the local courthouse. It’s been up there for decades. A couple of weeks ago, when an atheist activist spoke at a city council meeting about why it needed to be removed, he was essentially mocked by the elected officials.

One of them slapped his knee in laughter. Another argued about his interpretation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, before telling him, “Well, I think you should see if you can get the Constitution rewrote.” Another dismissed him because he had been seen at a local “Black Lives Matter” rally. And another said in a ranty monologue, “I hope we continue being — we will continue being a Christian community. I’m a Catholic and I’m a Christian.” (As if that mattered.)

I bring that up because elections for several of the seats for City Commission are taking place a month from now, and a man named Dennis Wayne Barcuch is running for the District 5 seat (currently occupied by knee-slapper Garry Buie).

Naturally, he’s hyping his religion as a selling point for his candidacy. He even said on Facebook on Sunday that, if elected, he would make sure the Ten Commandments monument stays right where it is.

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