Iowa Considers ‘License to Discriminate’ Bill, Plus Restroom Restrictions

By Trudy Ring

Iowa lawmakers are considering a couple of anti-LGBT bills – a “religious freedom” measure that could allow widespread discrimination and a “bathroom bill” limiting access for transgender people.

State Sen. Dennis Guth, who has a history of homophobic statements, introduced Senate Bill 2154, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Thursday. It is designed to give individuals a defense when accused of violations of state or local law for actions related to their exercise of religion, “including any action that is motivated by a sincerely held religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compelled by, or central to, a system of religious belief,” according to the bill’s text.

“What we have now is we have the freedom to worship as long as you’re worshiping at your church all by yourself. … You’re allowed to have your faith as long as you keep it to yourself, where we really should be able to openly carry our faith,” Guth, a Republican, told the Des Moines Register last month as he was preparing the legislation.

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