Iowa Legislator Compares Atheist’s Invocation Request to Supporting Abortion

by Hemant Mehta

Last year, Iowa activist Justin Scott delivered a secular invocation in the Iowa State House. It was a perfectly inoffensive speech in which he celebrated the “Holy Trinity of Science”: Reason, observation, and experience.

He was fortunately that there was a state representative, Timi Brown-Powers, willing to sponsor him. She submitted his name so he could deliver the remarks, and that’s all it took.

That’s why his request to do the same thing in the State Senate should have been uneventful. Justin emailed State Sen. Craig Johnson (below) in mid-December hoping for a similar sponsorship.

He finally got a response yesterday: Not a chance, said Johnson.

In their email exchange, Johnson explained that his personal religious beliefs prevented him from recommending an atheist like Justin to deliver any sort of invocation address. Here are some excerpts from their conversation.

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