Group calls on city to remove Ten Commandments monument

By Tripp Stelnicki

A nonprofit organization in Madison, Wis., is calling for removal of a Ten Commandments monument from a Santa Fe city park, saying the 6-foot-tall granite tablet is an “inappropriate and unconstitutional” remnant of the Cold War era.

“The government has no business telling citizens which god they must have, how many gods they must have, or that they must have any god at all,” the Freedom from Religion Foundation said Tuesday in a statement.

The group calls itself the nation’s largest association of atheists and agnostics.

The longstanding Ten Commandments monument sits in front of a fire station in Ashbaugh Park on Cerrillos Road.

But the structure was something of a mystery even to high-ranking city officials before The New Mexican wrote about it in October. They variously said they knew little about the religious marker’s origin or why it had been placed on city land.

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