Christian Congressman: God Forgave Me For Sleeping With Patients, Paying For Abortions

By David G. McAfee

A Christian Republican congressman has openly admitted to sleeping with his patients while he was a doctor, and even pressuring them into abortions despite his public anti-choice stance, but it’s all okay in his mind because he says God forgave him.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, of Tennessee, already paid a fine for his sexual misconduct with patients, according to Nova Magazine.

Somehow, with the country currently much more aware of sexual abuse issues, DesJarlais has avoided public scrutiny. And he doesn’t dispute the claims either. The 53-year-old congressman said he paid the fine against him levied by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for his sexual misconduct with patients.

DesJarlais reportedly had sex with multiple patients, bought them gifts, and pushed them to have abortions, which he paid for.

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