Coming Out Atheist, pg 186

But if it’s someone else’s personal space, such as their Facebook page or twitter feed or blog, they have the right to not listen to you blather about atheism, just like you have the right to not listen to them blather about religion. In their own space, they have the right to tone-troll, to shut down discussions that are making them unhappy, to ban atheists or Star Trek fans or people whose names begin with W. You can make your own decisions about whether their guidelines are okay with you, and whether you want to participate in their space. And of course, you can try to persuade them that their guidelines are problematic. But do it with basic respect of their right to curate their space any damn way they please. Pulling the “You can’t handle the truth!” number just makes you look like an entitled douchebag who thinks they have the right to spew anywhere they want.”

–Greta Christina, Coming Out Atheist, pg 186