Charles Manson’s Brain Probably Looked a Lot Like Yours

By Rafi Letzter

Charles Manson, the cult leader who organized a series of nine murders in 1969, is dead. And a lot of people want scientists to poke around in his brain.

A lot of people — at least according to social media posts.

That drive — to poke around in the grey matter of the celebrity killer with the swastika tattoo — is perhaps understandable. Charles Manson’s unstable behavior, odd looks and proximity to Hollywood legend have elevated him in the public consciousness from run-of-the-mill murderous, conspiratorial racist on a power trip to a kind of countercultural antihero. Surely, the most infamous killer of the rock-and-roll generation must have some kind of weird-looking brain, right?

But the fact is, researchers don’t expect to find anything that unusual behind the walls of Manson’s skull. (It’s not even entirely clear that the contents of the man’s cranium will be studied at all, according to an investigation by The National Post.)

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