Oh dear

I was hoping that, if I absolutely had to reactivate this Tumble-tron after its long quiet spell, it would be for something quaintly amusing. But in this Post-Having-Nice-Things world, it looks like the occasion for its re-animation must instead be … graphic violence and Islamophobia.

Click to read, if you really want, but honestly, the spectacle of a former public intellectual descending to the realm of an adolescent YouTube shock jock is just not worth it.


Here’s one response that I liked, from The Irish Atheist:

Richard Dawkins does not care about LGBTQ people. The atheist dudebros laughing at liberals do not care about LGBTQ people. The Christian alt-right who consistently points out what ISIS is doing to gay men does not care about LGBTQ people. Are parts of the Middle East […] a human rights dumpster fire right now?
Yes. Do those abuses intersect with extremist Islam? Also yes. I assure you, the LGBTQ community knows what’s happening in the Middle East right now. We know because these are our people.

We are the ones fighting the Muslim travel ban because most of the LGBTQ people in fear of their lives are Muslims. We are the ones comforting and encouraging anonymous LGBTQ youth in the Middle East on online forums. We are the ones helping (or donating money to [help]) LGBTQ refugees from extremist Islam settle and assimilate in safer nations. We are the ones who have to explain to most of them what new obstacles
they’ll face in the West for being LGBTQ, brown-skinned, and Muslim. So excuse us if your gleeful giggling at graphic photos of the murders
of our LGBTQ brothers disgusts us rather than invigorates us. Richard Dawkins has not told the LGBTQ community a damn thing we don’t
know. He’s reminded us that the hate and disgust is on all sides. If you (like Dawkins) only tweet about LGBTQ oppression as a ‘gotcha!’
to put down the Left, don’t you ever pretend our lives matter to you.

We are not your prop. We are not your anti-Muslim porn. We are not your meme. So sit down and shape up.