Dear NECSS: You Have Seriously Fucked Up

Dear NECSS: You Have Seriously Fucked Up:

NECSS is so sorry they offended the fucking asshole who says something awful every 2.2 seconds, and hopes we can all just get along.

Well, we can’t.

Let me explain to the not-so-fine folks on the NECSS board why
Richard Dawkins is such a divisive figure, and why giving him his talk
back and asking him to be on a panel to discuss the issues “causing
conflict both within the skeptical community and within society as a
whole” is basically spitting in the faces of those of us who are trying
very, very hard to end the abuses that are causing those conflicts.

Here is a brief history of Richard Dawkins being awful, pulled from
my own archives, and therefore in no way comprehensive, because the man
is a firehose of terrible statements and I have better things to do than
spend 100% of my time trying to catalogue all his fuckery.