The Ironies of Image Sourcing

A tidbit worth noting:

The irony is that the picture of the execution of the woman comes
from RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a
feminist organisation that was one of the best sources for how awful the
Taliban are, before Sept 11 and the West finally caring (you can see
the end of the ‘’ credit, and an image search shows it was a
woman being executed in a Kabul football stadium in 1999 (they have the
story AP wrote on it here – again, pictures of it being done: )

So Dawkins is using, without credit, a picture obtained by a feminist
organisation (possibly at personal danger to someone) to say feminists
don’t care about what it shows.

Incidentally, RAWA describes itself as uncompromisingly “pro-democracy, pro-secularist and anti-fundamentalist.”