Ladybrains that Can Care About Two Things Remain Unknown to Science



Oh please, I’m passionately in favour of feminists. Just not those who care about shirts while ignoring Islamic misogyny.

The “shirt” remark refers to an incident in which a male scientist in a position of high visibility acted unprofessionally, was criticized for it, and apologized.  Most of the world moved on.

But you tell ‘em, bro!  It’s not like the way women are treated in science matters.  Pssh. That’s not a thing anybody should care about.  Particularly women who work in science!  Why should they feel passionately about the issue?  Shrews, the lot of them!

I mean, who would ever argue that it’s worth the time and energy to raise people’s consciousness about relatively minor matters that can still make women feel excluded from science, or, say, from the workplace?

A more subtle reason for preaching to the choir is the need to raise consciousness.  When the feminists raised our consciousness about sexist pronouns, they would have been preaching to the choir where the more substantive issues of the rights of women and the evils of discrimination against them were concerned. But that decent, liberal choir still needed its consciousness raised with respect to everyday language. However right-on we may have been on the political issues of rights and discrimination, we nevertheless still unconsciously bought into linguistic conventions that made half the human race feel excluded.

What a dundridge, right?

(Via Lisa Buckley.)